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At the Minnesota Republican Party's Midwest Leadership Conference Friday, Karl Rove let loose against President Obama.

Rove, who called himself a "recovering government bureaucrat," disparaged what he said was the president's petulant, petty news conference Thursday.

"How stupid does he think we are," Rove asked the Republicans gathered in Bloomington for the conference.

Rove said that rather than fixing the economy, Obama is "playing politics for the sake of his own reelection."

"It is despicable," he said. Rove also took some whacks at former rival Al Gore saying that he invented both the Internet and global warming.

But he said Republicans have to also have "some positive ideas" of their own. They must stop spending and "get rid of that stupid health care law."

"This election will decide the course of America. We are literally at a crossroads," he said.

Update: As is becoming nearly de rigueur for Republican politicians, Rove was doused with glitter after his talk to Republicans. After he was rushed away, colored sparkles of glitter littered the table and floor where Rove was signing books.

According to a release from anti-marriage amendment activists, U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen was also gittered Friday morning at a pre-event to the Midwest Leadership Conference.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and others have been littered with glitter at public events.