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Prior to his foray into sportswriting, Forgrave wrote people-focused feature stories for several newspapers around the country, most recently The Des Moines Register. In Iowa, Reid was a general assignment reporter focusing on long-form storytelling. He wrote a narrative on a tornado-wracked small town and its inspirational high school football team, covered every angle of Iowa's gay marriage debate, and wrote a series about a woman who was seven months pregnant with her fifth child when her husband died in a plane crash. After his stint in Iowa, he worked as a national sports feature writer for, and helped launch the national sports television network, Fox Sports 1, as national college basketball reporter. Most recently, Forgrave worked at and CBS Sports HQ covering college hoops and the NBA. He also has written for The New York Times Magazine and GQ magazine. His first book, based on a piece he wrote for GQ, will be published in 2020. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons.

N.Y. artist returns to Nisswa to paint mural celebrating Minnesota summers

Nisswa native Samantha French paints mural during visit home.

New Minneapolis veterans center aims to fight 'lethal absence of hope'

If there's a message from Every Third Saturday's new headquarters near the Minneapolis VA Health Care System, it is this: There still is hope.

Mourned by nieces who never knew him, long-missing WWII soldier buried at Fort Snelling

They only knew Uncle Billy from letters and stories. After 77 years, his family welcomed him home.

Woman who immigrated as a child thanks her Minnesota hometown with mural

St. James welcomed her family from Mexico a generation ago

Chauvin's sentencing sparks relief but also resolve to keep fighting injustice

Activists who pushed for retribution said they felt a sense of justice by the rare punishment of an officer. But not everyone was satisfied with the sentence.

Edge4Vets helps military members transfer valuable skills to the civilian workforce

The jobs preparation program teaches veterans to identify skills from their military career and use them to get civilian jobs.

Getatchew Haile, renowned Ethiopian philologist and beloved St. John's professor, dies at 90

He was remembered as a warm, sentimental, joyful man whose nose stayed in the books but whose heart was geared toward adventure and the big questions of life.

Body parts in northeast Minneapolis prompt homicide investigation

Officers responded after a person reported finding a leg covered in plastic behind the Ukrainian Event Center, according to emergency dispatch audio.

Duo teams up to give patients time, tools and tenderness to talk about death

A powerful thing that came out of their time together was an educational film for medical providers on how to have difficult end-of-life conversations.

It's 'business as usual' at George Floyd Square despite the city's reopening efforts

City workers removed barriers at 38th and Chicago on Thursday, but occupiers have reblocked the area.