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Read a transcript of police scanner traffic just before and after the fatal police shooting of Justine Damond. The audio is posted at Minnesota PoliceClips. Note: Parts of the audio are unclear with multiple officers speaking in turn without identifying themselves.

Dispatch: "Squad 530 to 5024 Washburn Avenue South. Female screaming behind the building."

Officer: "530, uh, shots fired. Can we get EMS Code 3 Washburn and 51st Street? We got one down."

Dispatch: "Copy. Shots fired at Washburn and 53rd Street. Correction 51st. Sergeant to acknowledge shots fired and one down at Washburn."

Officer: "Copy"

Dispatch: "Copy 502"

Officer: "506 as well"

Dispatch: "Copy 506"

Officer: (garbled)

Dispatch: "Copy"

Officer: "530, I'm starting CPR."

Dispatch: "Copy 530, starting CPR."

Officer: "530, we're north of the alleyway, 51st Street, Washburn even side."

Dispatch: "Copy north of alley, 51st Street, even side. 5520 arrived (garbled). Squad 530 are you Code 4 for medical?"

Officer: "530 Code 4 for medical."

Dispatch: "530 Code 4 for medical at 23:45."

Officer: "530, there are no suspects at large."

Dispatch: "Copy 530, no suspects at large."

Officer: "520, where is EMS on this?"

Dispatch: "EMS is coming. Rescue is coming."

Officer: "502 they're behind me at 53rd and Oliver."

Officer: "Rescue's arrived."

Officer: (garbled) "The next squad in, if they could block eastbound traffic at 51st and Xerxes. I have 51st and Washburn right here."

Officer: "521, we'll be there."

Officer: (garbled) "I see the alley blocked off on the very north side, block 50th please."

Officer: "502, I'm on scene."

Dispatch: "Copy 502 on scene."

Officer: "5502 I'll be arriving in a block."

Dispatch: "5502 arriving in a block."

Dispatch: "Information for 5th Precinct. Sergeant to acknowledge the sound of shots fired. 119 33rd Street West. Two shots heard from the east."

Officer: (garbled)

Dispatch: (garbled) "Copy 505"

Officer: "541"

Dispatch: "541"

Officer: "We heard those sounds from the station. Those are probably aerial fireworks."

Dispatch: "Copy 541. Those shots are possibly aerial fireworks."

Officer: "505"

Dispatch: "505"

Officer: (garbled)

Dispatch: "505. Last words came in broken. 505. Came in broken."

Officer: "505 we're requesting response cars because we have squads tied up with this shooting."

Dispatch: "Copy requesting response cars."

Dispatch: "Squad 505, are those response cars for 911 or to the scene?"

Officer: "Um, for now they can come to answer 911 calls and if we need them they can go to the scene. But for now 911 response."

Dispatch: "Copy 505."

Officer: "5502 have car 9 call me please."

Officer: "Car 9, I'm actually on the way out to Washburn."

Officer: "502 (garbled)"

Dispatch: "Squad 505, precinct 3 and 4 have shootings right now. We are still checking on 1st and 3rd."


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