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There was that one time I scared linebackers. At Penn State I broadcast morning radio updates from my dorm room. I made a few bucks and paid my way through college. Years later a friend told me that the Penn State football players were scared to use a specific bathroom. They heard voices — they thought it was haunted. That was me, by the way. Oops. I'm still trying to get the weather story right.

Saturday will be the warmer day of the weekend with a risk of a morning thunderstorm, but afternoon hours should be sunnier and drier with highs near 80F. Models bring yet another surge of showers and thunderstorms into Minnesota late Sunday and Sunday night, with another soggy storm on Tuesday. Some simulations print out another 1 to 2 inches of rain by the middle of next week, when temperatures cool into the 60s. Your allergies may not like it, but spring has brought a perfect mix of sunshine and rain, without the nasty stuff (hail and high water).

Odds still favor another hotter than average summer. No smoky heat bubbles yet, but wait for it.