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Personally I'd rather chase tornadoes than solar eclipses, but I'm amazed by the number of "umbraphiles" (eclipse chasers) out there trying to be in the right place at the right time for Monday's total solar eclipse. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind seeing it, but knowing my luck I'd be the guy wearing special sunglasses peering up at a twister. By the way, my bet for optimal viewing is southern Illinois or New England. Of course, your results may vary.

Friday should be the nicest weather day in sight, with sunshine, mid-50s and a light breeze. Winds pick up Saturday but the sun stays out most of the day with a high in the upper 50s — definitely the nicer day for outdoor stuff.

A pinwheel of rain arrives Sunday, and over half an inch may fall before showers finally taper Tuesday.

No sudden jolts of heat (which might spark flooding or tornadoes) but a few 60s return next week.

Eclipse trivia: The sun is 400 times wider than the moon but 400 times farther away. The moon perfectly covers up the sun. What a coincidence.