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Over the next two weeks I see roughly two days of wintry weather. Otherwise 40s, 50s with an outside shot at 60 degrees. Sustained cold, subzero lows, biting windchills and an extra serving of numb and number? That never happened this winter. And I don't expect it to finally arrive in March.

And I doubt we've seen the last "snow event" of winter. That's a big stretch. In fact, a storm scurrying to our south Tuesday may brush much of Minnesota with a few inches of snow, potentially plowable for some spots. That's low confidence - if you love snow I would not get my hopes up too high (yet).

In the meantime, enjoy 40s Sunday, with upper 50s to near 60 on Monday. Behind Tuesday's storm comes a brief slap of cold. For one day (Wednesday) it will feel like midwinter with highs near 20 and wind chills dipping below 0. Even if we pick up a few slushy inches Tuesday, the first weekend of March should bring 50s. Crazy extremes.

"Any sustained, subzero Polar Vortex outbreaks, Paul?" Nope. I suspect that ship has sailed.