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Fitness trackers bring out the competitive spirit in Minnesotans

From fitness studios to senior living communities, wearable technology has enabled a new generation of fitness enthusiasts to not only track their performance but also see how they measure up against others.

Minnesota startup aims to remove 1B tons of carbon dioxide by 2035

Carba won this year's MN Cup competition, which culminated Monday with a grand finale at Twin Cities Startup Week.

Minnesota med-tech startups on pace to raise more than $1B again this year

Professionals in med-tech, health tech and biotech will be among those gathering around the metro for in-person and virtual events as part of Twin Cities Startup Week, which starts this weekend.

Minnesota household income continues to decline, putting more families in need

Recent data from the American Community Survey show 9.6% of the Minnesota population living below the federal poverty threshold, a slight increase from 2021.

A Minnesota startup's shortcut for finding the most emotional moment in songs? Math.

Minnetonka-based MIIR found a way to search mathematically rather than instinctively for the parts in songs that elicit a certain emotional response, which will have a big impact on industries like film, music streaming and health care.

Businesses have used customer mapping for years. Hennepin County has caught on.

The county has developed a customer journey mapping system to summarize citizens' movement through various services, from the DMV to the county medical center.

Looking for love in the Twin Cities? It can cost from a couple bucks to $100,000

Finding a match doesn't have to be expensive, but a commitment of time and a bit of money can help.

Should you get your child a GPS tracking device as they head back to school?

A variety of devices — from basic GPS tags to smartwatches — could provide parental peace of mind while still allowing an age-appropriate level of independence.

Hub Bike Co-op closing south Mpls. flagship store after 21 years

The cooperative voted last week to close the location on Minnehaha Avenue, citing inflation, decreased sales and an overall lag in people needing repairs as reasons for the decision.

Mpls. startup aims to improve wound care, prevent problems

Wound Co. is adding support to understaffed hospitals, clinics and home care providers nationwide, especially those serving diabetics and seniors.