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With the NFL making no sense, it makes perfect sense for this prognosticator to jump off the Cooper Rush bandwagon just as the Save Mike McCarthy '22 party bus arrives back in Big D to play Washington as a home favorite.

Call it a leap of a lack of faith in anything adding up the way any of us, Vegas included, think it might.

Sort of like the Chiefs losing to the Colts last week. Or the Jaguars winning by four touchdowns as a one-touchdown road underdog. Or perhaps …

Picking the Vikings' zone-(too)-happy shell defense to make it through Week 4 as part of a team that will be among just nine squads sporting one or fewer losses.

Here are this week's picks:

Sunday's games

Vikings (-2 ½) at Saints in London. The Saints are beat up. They don't have the Superdome crowd noise. Their quarterback situation is a mess, and it would have been even if Jameis Winston was playing. The Vikings should be able to score enough points while notching some takeaways from a defense that's spent the past two weeks making all of us question its passiveness. Vikings 28, Saints 21

Bears (+3 ½) at Giants: Their quarterbacks combined for three picks, no touchdowns, 10 sacks and passer ratings below 58 while going 2-0 last week. Both teams can run the ball. The Giants stop the run a little better. First one to 14 wins. Giants 12, Bears 6

Seahawks (+4 ½) at Lions: The Lions aren't terrible. Seattle is. Take the home team. Lions 24, Seahawks 16

Patriots (+9½) at Packers: Don't. Overthink. This. One. Bill Belichick is not going to take Brian Hoyer into Lambeau Field and beat the Packers. Right? Packers 31, Patriots 20

Jets (+3½) at Steelers: Steelers by 7

Jaguars (+6 ½) at Eagles: Eagles by 7

Bills (-3 ½) at Ravens: Ravens by 4

Browns (-1 ½) at Falcons: Browns by 3

Titans (+3½) at Colts: Colts by 7

Chargers (-5 ½) at Texans: Chargers by 3

Cardinals (+1 ½) at Panthers: Panthers by 3

Broncos (+2 ½) at Raiders: Raiders by 3

Chiefs (+½) at Buccaneers: Buccaneers by 3

Monday's game

Rams (+1½) at 49ers: The pressure is on Jimmy Garoppolo figuratively, which he can handle, and literally, which he won't be able to handle with Trent Williams out. Rams 24, 49ers 20

Upset Special

Commanders (+3½) at Cowboys: It's been a great ride, Cooper Rush. And all signs — primarily Dallas' pass rush vs. Carson Wentz and a porous offensive line — point to it continuing. But this is the NFL. Things tend to change quickly. Commanders 21, Cowboys 19

Last week's Upset Special: Dolphins (+5) 34, Bills 31. Score: Dolphins 21, Bills 19.

Season record: 2-1.

Season results

Straight up last week/season: 8-8/24-22-1.

Against the spread last week/season: 7-9/19-28.

Vikings picks: 2-1.