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In a flap that might remind Minnesotans of the controversy over the design of a new state flag, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly announced on Nov. 28 that the state will halt production of a new license plate after the design was criticized as "ugly as sin." Fox News reported that some drivers balked at the design because it too closely resembled the University of Missouri's colors; others thought the gold-and-black plate was too close to New York's plates, while still others dismissed it as "slapdash and dull." The governor promised a future public vote on possible new designs.

A forklift jacking

Police in Ann Arbor, Mich., chased a stolen 17-ton forklift through city streets for an hour on Nov. 25, NBC News reported, in what they called "a very dangerous situation" — especially because the driver was a 12-year-old boy. The boy allegedly found the construction vehicle outside Forsythe Middle School with the keys inside. While no one was injured, the forklift struck 10 cars as it crawled through neighborhoods with law enforcement in pursuit. When the forklift got stuck, the boy was taken into custody and sent to a juvenile detention center.

Stick to it

A 35-year-old man from Vietnam went to the hospital in Dong Hoi on Nov. 24 with severe headaches, fluid discharge and loss of vision, Metro News reported. When doctors did a CT scan, they discovered two broken chopsticks that were penetrating into his skull from his nose. Apparently, the man had been in a fight several months before and didn't remember much about it — but said he thought something might have been stabbed into his face. Surgeons removed the chopsticks, and the patient is recovering.

A burger to go

"I'm having it my way!" appeared to be the message from a large inflatable Burger King Whopper that came loose outside a restaurant in Newberg, Ore., and took off through the windy streets. KOIN-TV reported that the sandwich began its journey around 7 a.m. on Nov. 11 and bounced off several neighboring shops before finally getting lodged against one of the buildings. Police department spokesperson Amy Kepler said that strangely, they didn't receive any 911 calls about the wayward burger. There were no reports of injuries or damage.

Complaint office

The Tampa Bay Times is inviting readers and anyone else around the world to submit their grievances, the best (worst?) of which the newspaper will publish to celebrate Festivus on Dec. 23, United Press International reported. This will be the eighth year for the Times' Airing of Grievances. The custom is one feature of the holiday, which was introduced on a "Seinfeld" episode in 1997. (You also might remember the unadorned metal pole and feats of strength.)

Blow hard

On Nov. 28, as a big gust of wind whirled through Washington, D.C., the fully decorated National Christmas Tree was blown over, WUSA-TV reported. The National Park Service had to replace a snapped cable and install reinforcement cables and concrete blocks to secure the tree, but the lighting ceremony went on as planned on Nov. 30.

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