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Oscar Mayer announced on May 17 that it is changing the name of its iconic Wienermobile to the Frankmobile, CNN reported. The company says the name change "pays homage" to its new recipe for hot dogs, which will be rolled out this summer. A company spokesperson said the change is a test; they'll have "to see if it cuts the mustard" with fans.

I'll drink to that

Lillian Ip of Cheltenham, Australia, was stranded in remote bushland for five days in late April after she took a wrong turn and became stuck in mud, United Press International reported. Sgt. Martin Torpey of the Wodonga police said Ip had planned just a day trip, "so she had taken a couple of snacks and lollies with her, but no water. The only liquid that Lillian, who doesn't drink, had with her was a bottle of wine she had bought as a gift for her mother." Without cell service, Ip couldn't call for help. While she sipped the wine, her family notified police about her absence, and a search was launched. She finally was spotted by a helicopter crew.

Tickle me, Elmo

When baker Brianna Romero of El Paso, Texas, got an order for a child's birthday cake, she was on board, NBC New York reported on May 10. The customer wanted an emo cake, so Romero put her newly perfected black icing to the test. As she prepared to deliver the cake, she asked the client if they wanted a number on it. The client said, "It's for my granddaughter, and she's turning 4." Romero "thought it was a little bit weird ... but maybe she just likes 'Wednesday' or something like that." Curious, she asked the client for the theme of the party. When she heard it was "Sesame Street," it all became clear: It was supposed to be an Elmo cake. Romero hurriedly topped the cake with an Elmo image and, feeling bad about the black frosting, gave the cake to the client for free. Social media ate up the story, with more than 10 million views on Twitter.

ET, call a tutor

Students will go to just about any lengths to get out of a test — even outer space. So it was in Hemlock, Mich., on May 16, when a student reported an alien invasion in hopes it would result in a math test being canceled, according to KTVZ-TV. The student reported that flying saucers had landed on the playground, and the rumors quickly spread on social media. But Superintendent Don Killingbeck wasn't having it: "There is no evidence of any alien activity on our school grounds," he said. The prankster has been disciplined, he added.

Pre-student drivers

Two brothers in Langkawi, Malaysia, were detained after crashing the car one was driving into a lamp post on May 10, CNN reported. It's not hard to imagine why driving might have been difficult for them: They are 6 and 3 years old. Police Chief Shariman Ashari said the boys reported that they were on their way to a toy store. The only injury was a cut to one boy's chin.

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