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Suffering from cabin fever? Izzet Kocak, a farmer In Aksaray, Turkey, was worried that his cattle had the same problem. So he outfitted a couple of them with virtual reality goggles that made the cows think they're standing in a green field of grass in the summer, Oddity Central reported. Kocak said the average yield per day from his cows is 22 liters of milk, but, "We had two of our cows wear virtual reality glasses and watch vast green pasture all day, and the daily milk production increased up to 27 liters." He said the quality of the milk also increased. He has ordered 10 more pairs of VR goggles, and if results are similar, he plans to order them for all of his 180 cows.

Deal me out

What started as a routine card game at the Senior Center in Tabor, S.D., got a little weird on Jan. 4 after players enjoyed some brownies supplied by the mother of 46-year-old Michael Koranda. KTIV-TV reported that Koranda had recently traveled to Colorado and brought back some THC-infused butter, which he used to make a batch of brownies. His mother unknowingly shared half the treats with her fellow card players, which resulted in calls to county officials about possible poisoning. Sheriff's deputies took the remaining brownies as evidence and charged Koranda with possession of a controlled substance.

Game on

On Jan. 7, the California Court of Appeals ruled that the Los Angeles Police Department was justified in firing two officers in 2017 after they ignored a robbery call to play Pokemon Go, the Los Angeles Times reported. On April 15, 2017, Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were on patrol in their squad car when a call for backup came over the radio. They talked it over and decided to skip the call in order to continue their hunt for a Snorlax and Togetic Pokemon, two highly sought-after characters. After the officers were fired, they sued, saying that the video captured their "private communications." The court disagreed.

A long goodbye

A "Ms. Wang," 30, of Zhengzhou, China, agreed to a blind date and went to the man's home for dinner on Jan. 6. But during the meal, they learned that his community had gone into lockdown because of COVID-19, and she wouldn't be able to leave for several days, the BBC reported. She posted on WeChat that the situation was "not ideal." While he did cook for her, "he doesn't speak much," she noted. "I feel that apart from him being reticent like a wooden mannequin, everything else about him is pretty good."

Bugged by his ear

Zane Wedding, 40, of Auckland, New Zealand, went swimming on Jan. 7 and thought he got water in his ear, United Press International reported. He saw a doctor the next day, who suggested he use a hair dryer to evaporate the moisture in his ear. But on Jan. 10, as the sensation persisted, he saw a specialist. It took the doctor only five minutes to extract a cockroach, and Wedding felt instant relief: "I felt a pop as soon as the doctor pulled it away."

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