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In the wee hours of April 10 in Sydney, Australia, a horse appeared on the Warwick Farm train station platform during heavy storms and tried to board a commuter train. It failed in its quest, so it trotted up and down the platform and chased another rider before its owner was summoned to collect it. The escapade was captured on security camera video, but Transport for New South Wales decided not to press charges because the offender was "only horsing around."

Survival mode

Police in Rose, Idaho, revealed on April 10 that around 2 a.m., 85-year-old Christine Jenneiahn was sleeping in her home when she awoke to a man shining a flashlight and pointing a gun at her, reported. Derek Ephriam Condon, 39, allegedly then moved Jenneiahn to the living room, where he handcuffed her to a chair and asked her where the valuables were. She told him there were two safes, and he left to investigate. While he was out of the room, Jenneiahn dragged herself and the chair into her bedroom, got her .357 Magnum revolver and returned to the living room. When Condon came back, she fatally shot him. Bingham County Prosecutor Ryan Jolley said the case "presents one of the most heroic acts of self-preservation I have ever heard of." Officials said the two knew each other and it was not a random incident.

Got their goat

Police in Kansas City were summoned April 8 after someone saw a mountain goat standing on a ledge under a highway overpass bridge, United Press International reported. Authorities couldn't get it down. Finally a veterinarian arrived on the scene and sedated the animal, which was taken to an animal shelter to recover. Apparently, the goat recently had been adopted by a nearby resident and had escaped its enclosure.

Holier than thou

Peter Owens, 35, of Ellenton, Fla., went to a Walgreens store on Easter Sunday, the Smoking Gun reported. While there, he got into an argument with an employee of the store, and the manager, 36-year-old Nicole Merck, tried to intervene. That was when Owens, according to police, struck Merck in the face with his Bible. Authorities tracked him down, and he admitted striking her "because she was being rude to him." The charge was bumped up to a felony because of Owens' 2020 conviction in Michigan for assault and battery.

Show and tell

At the Country Oaks Elementary School in Hendry County, Florida, two 10-year-old boys were trading more than lunches on March 27. ClickOrlando reported that one of the boys had agreed to sell a handgun belonging to his father, who had recently died, to another for $300. The seller's mom is a sheriff's deputy; she was put on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

A three-wheeler

Anna Louise Keller, 49, of Seminole, Fla., told Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies that she had no idea why they had pulled her over on April 8. They had a pretty good reason: her car was missing its right front tire. Fox13-TV reported that officers smelled alcohol, and Keller admitted that she had been drinking. She tested over the legal limit and was charged with DUI.

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