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Born and raised in the Twin Cities to NuyoRican parents, emcee, singer, and songwriter Maria Isa is recognized for her dedication towards celebrating her cultural diversity through music and political activism.

In 1992 she started her performing arts education at El Arco Iris Center for Arts, forming Raices in 2002 with other advanced students to conserve their ancestral Puerto Rican folklore music. Following her nomination in 2006 for the Minnesota Music Award's "Best Hip-Hop Artist" category, Isa released her first independent album M.I. Split Personalities in May of 2007 and has been promoting her music nationally through the Twin Cities and Puerto Rico.

Receiving the 2007 SASE/VERVE Grant for Spoken Word, Isa is known for delivering her message through a unique flow, at times accompanied by her band introducing the Sota-Rican essence.