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Dozens of Minnesotans replied to the Star Tribune's request for thoughts on the hearings of the congressional panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection. Here are portions of some responses:

"Trump had a treacherous plan to stay in power illegally. Everyone should take that seriously. That's not something to minimize, but rather something to overcome and prevent." — Karl Bunday,Minnetonka

"Very informative, however no surprise! I watched every minute of the impeachment hearings as well, and nothing happened. That is my fear. We are hanging onto our democracy by a thread!" — Kimberly Meshbesher, Orono

"We already know what happened — a bunch of Trump followers got all fired up and started a riot. There was no organization, no plan. There was no coup attempt. This hearing is just political drama, similar to people listening to a true crime podcast. Why else have it during prime time? It's a distraction." — Peter, Minneapolis

"In plain sight the former President and his enablers incited an insurrection and plotted to prevent the peaceful transfer of power, knowing full well that there was no steal and Joe Biden won the election. As a result people died." — Laura Mosedale, Cass Lake

"What this whole thing boils down to is the corrupt elites on both sides of the aisle are afraid of a President they can't control. He came from outside the 'club' and started to actually solve problems and they can't have that so they're trying to disqualify him using this Soviet style show trial." — John Vickerman, Buffalo

"I'm both surprised at what information was available before, during and after the attacks and that so many people who could have done something (and some of whom have written books) are now letting the people know — some only because of subpoenas. This may have made a greater difference then; now people have chosen their 'truth' and it may be impossible to change minds and biases." — D.R. Kerian, Bloomington

"It seems that we avoided a major disaster by a hair. If the bad guys would have gotten their hands on Pence, Pelosi, AOC or others, we would be living in a radically different country right now." — Marty Cormack, Rochester