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As the Minnesota Vikings head into the 2023 season, we've updated our handy list of bars and restaurants across the United States where Vikings fans regularly gather to cheer on their team. If you find yourself in a major metropolitan area outside Minnesota on game day, there's a good chance you're not too far from one of these establishments. Not surprisingly, many of them are located in snowbird states — such as California, Arizona, Texas and Florida — where some Minnesotans spend their winters. There are even a handful in neighboring Wisconsin and one in Alaska. Many are owned by Minnesota expats.

Regular readers may recall that we published a similar guide several years ago. Sadly, many of the places on that list have since closed. Meanwhile, updates to our website left that earlier article lost to the ages. So we started making phone calls and scouring the internet to find out where Vikings fans are getting together in cities from coast to coast.

Some of these bars openly advertise their Vikings affiliations on websites and social media pages. Others required deeper investigation to confirm that they are genuine Vikings bars. If an employee told us their location regularly hosts football fans of all stripes, rather than Vikings fans specifically, we cut them from our list faster than Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman dumped kicker Daniel Carlson. To keep the list manageable, we only included establishments beyond Minnesota's borders. Team-approved game day watch locations in Minnesota can be found here.

Use the map below to explore America's Vikings bars. The search field will allow you to filter the results by state or city. Don't forget: It's always a good idea to call ahead.

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