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Interior designer Jennifer Jorgensen and illustrator Kate Worum believe the backdrop to a room should be anything but boring.

That idea drove their Minneapolis design firm, She She, which offers custom-designed, hand-painted and custom-printed wallpaper. Now, eight years later, the duo are branching out into textiles, recently launching their "From the Garden" collection. The silk, merino wool and velvet throw pillows showcase designs that celebrate their love of florals.

The “From the Garden” throw collection by She She.
The “From the Garden” throw collection by She She.

She She

The decision to delve into fabrics came after clients continually turned to them for home decor advice. Jorgensen and Worum found themselves designing throws, curtains and lampshades in complementary colors and patterns to mix and match with their wallpapers.

"We've done quite a few projects like this," Jorgensen says. "But it's always been a custom fabric with a custom wallpaper order."

The new collection makes their work more accessible, and starting in January, they plan to sell fabrics by the yard.

The company and its expansion represent a dream come true for Jorgensen and Worum.

"It started off as just kind of a passion project that has grown over the years," Jorgensen says. "That's what we want to be doing: Covering the world in pattern."