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Name: Angela Cooperman, campaign manager for Republican Scott Jensen

Age: 42

Hometown: South metro

Favorite political TV show or book: "How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

First job in politics: Outreach representative for Rep. Jason Lewis

Day in the life of a campaign manager: "My day begins with the Shema and scripture. I grab my coffee and respond to a mountain of emails. I join team calls and group chats to discuss the schedule for the following week and current projects. I help oversee tasks and provide assistance to staff members. I conduct calls with activists and leaders in various industries and demographics. I meet with individuals, organizations, staff events, and prospect for community engagement opportunities."

Why do you do it: "I am a mother and grandmother. I care deeply about the future of the next generation. Crime has skyrocketed, and students have fallen desperately behind. Our children deserve better. Our seniors deserve better. Our businesses deserve better. And every single person deserves the chance to thrive and prosper. I am inspired by Scott's unwavering commitment to healing our state. As a 40-year family physician, his loyalty and respect for the Hippocratic oath to 'do no harm' compels him to restore safety to our streets and elevate parents above politicians. I am inspired by Matt [Birk]'s commitment to faith and family, improving our education system, and with Scott, reestablishing Minnesota as the shining Star of the North."

Name: Nichole Johnson, campaign manager for DFL Gov. Tim Walz

Age: 33

Hometown: Waukegan, IL

Favorite political TV show or book: "Veep"

First job in politics: Finance assistant on a Wisconsin congressional race

Day in the life of a campaign manager: "My job is to make sure the nuts and bolts of the campaign are in place. I work with our team to make sure that we're recruiting volunteers and having conversations with Minnesotans in every corner of the state. The way we win elections is by organizing in communities so that people are hearing our message from their own neighbors. When undecided voters hear about how Minnesota has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and his plan to fully fund public schools and protect a woman's right to choose, it's an effective message — but it's even more effective coming from their neighbors."

Why do you do it: "Elections make a difference in people's lives. There's a huge difference between re-electing a governor who wants to grow our economy and support working families than electing a governor who wants to use the office to jail his political opponents and ban abortion. I also went to a public school, so making sure they have the resources they need is something I have always cared about. I'm proud to be working to re-elect a governor who has been a teacher and a high school coach that wants to fully fund classrooms."