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I did a lot less cooking at Lou Nanne's new Edina restaurant than I had planned.

When I showed up at his American Grill for this interview, the Hockey Hall of Famer was grinning about his latest regular appearance on Dan Barreiro's KFAN show, when he told listeners I was coming to the restaurant to cook. In the end, the main ingredient I supplied was some herb-infused butter.

Check the video online and you will see that I did a lot more eating and questioning than cooking because restaurant staffers Mario and Angel were on the scene, as well as L.J., who playfully challenged my culinary skills.

When I made this dinner cooking date with Nanne, I didn't think he would make it because it was a short time after his hip surgery. He was there, though, and looking fit.

Q: You're on KFAN regularly talking to Dan Barreiro, so I wonder, have you ever wanted to slap a sports reporter?

A: Oh yeah. [Laughter] How many times!

Q: Barreiro is always razzing you about your vacations. Where would you take him?

A: Italy. The Amalfi Coast.

Q: Why do you enjoy staying busy with your business and other ventures?

A: My wife [Francine] and I were just talking about that this morning. I guess I've got a short attention span. If I'm not doing something, I'm bored. She said to me, "You're never getting to retire because you would drive me nuts."

Q: Given you are such a frequent traveler, what would you like to see improved about air travel?

A: First of all, if they went back to the old seats, so people had more room and more comfort. I think the way they board and let people on and off, they always condense it to such a short time. If the plane's there and the flight attendants are there, let them on, so people aren't rushing.

Q: How much of a hockey team's success is the team vs. the coach?

A: Eight-five percent [is the team], at least. You're not going to win any sport without good players.

Q: How many concussions do you think you had in your playing days?

A: Five. We didn't look at things as concussions in the old days. We never really realized we had a concussion. The most severe one was the last one I had in Pittsburgh. I woke up in the training room and the trainer stayed with me all night long. [He] woke me up every half-hour to make sure I was OK. That was on a Sunday and I played Tuesday.

Q: Former Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant doesn't believe in concussions, not really, you know?

A: Well, I've seen too many and the reactions of the players.

Q: What can the NHL do reduce concussions?

A: They are trying what they are doing now, curtailing and penalizing head hits, which we never did. That's big. I think they are trying to get better equipment, but people don't realize equipment alone is not going to stop a concussion. It's snapping a neck, the way you get hit.

Q: I know you travel the world, but do you have a favorite getaway place in Minnesota?

A: We actually have a place in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, 10 miles east of Taylors Falls. We love going there. I don't have to fight the logjam, I-94 and 101. [It's] an hour and 20 minutes.

Q: Now that you have a restaurant, how often do you eat here and does your wife take advantage of the convenience?

A: At least three times a week. Oh yeah. Sunday we came back from the lake and didn't want to go home and cook so we came right to the restaurant.

Q: Do you have a funny Sid Hartman story you can tell in public?

A: Sid always [uses] a tape recorder. He always came around with his tape recorder to get quotes after the game, after practice. One time, he put his tape recorder down; I think it was Tommy Reid — he played for the North Stars; he does the radio broadcast for them now — grabbed the tape recorder and put in the freezer. For the next half-hour, he's going nuts in the locker room — can't find his tape recorder. He's giving everybody hell and is going to sue the team and the whole works. Then the trainers said, "Sid, I think it's in here." He went in the freezer. He said, "What is going on?" And they said, "Hot news, we're just trying to cool it off."

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