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Scientists tell us that unless man-made climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions (mostly from burning fossil fuels) start to decline, Minnesota's climate may resemble Missouri by the end of this century. We got a premature glimpse of what many winters may look like for our grandkids if it's business as usual.

A 2022 University of Minnesota study says winters here are warming faster than any state in the U.S. and could be as much as 11 degrees warmer by 2100.

By the way, Sunday's high of 74 at MSP was 39 degrees warmer than average — typical for Memorial Day.

You may be shocked to hear that relatively mild and dry weather will continue as far ahead as I dare look, at least two weeks out. I see mostly 40s for highs into the weekend with a shot at 50 degrees Wednesday and Thursday. Weather models show more 60s for the first half of next week.

Even though an early spring signal is very strong this year, I'm not taking off the snow tires just yet. I recall 26.1 inches of snow in April 2018. I'm not tempting fate, OK?