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Last chance for alligator bites. Cajun restaurant Bistro La Roux (9372 Lexington Av. NE., Circle Pines, 763-717-8288,, from the proprietors behind the Cajun to Geaux food truck, will close June 29.

“2019 was not a very good year for us,” said Lori Glover, who owns the restaurant with husband Tim Glover. “We did not intend to not finish out, but it’s a hard business.”

Tim Glover grew up in south Louisiana, and studied culinary arts at St. Paul College. Returning here from deployment in Iraq, he decided to launch a food truck with a focus on the cuisine of his home region: smoked alligator, crawfish boils, beignets and classic dishes built off the long-simmering roux and trinity.

“I’m not trying to be arrogant about it, but true New Orleans cuisine is not available in the Twin Cities — except for here,” Tim Glover said.

Five years ago, the Glovers took their business brick and mortar north of the city, close to their home but at least 20 minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

“People don’t cross rivers,” Lori Glover said. “They don’t go north. It was a perception thing.”

Lori, 60 and Tim, 62, are still plotting their next move. They might do occasional barbecues and boils, and even keep the food truck going.

“It’s a possibility,” Tim Glover said. “I think we’re just going to step back a little bit and see where we’re going to go.”