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June Fieger of Minnetonka helped run her husband's advertising agency, Nemer Fieger of St. Louis Park.

Fieger, a former piano teacher and a leader in her church, died Jan. 13 in St. Louis Park of complications from a perforated ulcer she suffered seven years ago.

She was 67.

Fieger worked for a half-dozen years managing the agency's administration without a paycheck. The agency boasts clients such as Universal Pictures, Subway and Walser Automotive.

"I couldn't have done it without her," said her husband, Jim, who bought the firm from Sam Nemer in 1973.

Daughter J. Marie Fieger of St. Louis Park now leads the agency.

In the agency's early years, June Fieger was also a substitute teacher in St. Louis Park, a homemaker and a piano teacher.

Her husband said teaching piano to children for almost 15 years was a "real joy for her."

Ann Markovich of Minnetonka, who took lessons from her in the early 1970s, said Fieger led her to play saxophone, guitar and drums.

"She made it fun for a child," said Markovich. "She was someone who had expectations of you and gently moved you towards those expectations."

Fieger had also been a lay leader at her church, Union Congregational United Church of Christ in St. Louis Park.

Recruiting church members to fill committee assignments was one of her strengths.

"She was such a sweetheart that no one could turn her down," said her husband.

For seven years, she suffered many maladies. A permanent tracheotomy required her to cover a hole in her neck to speak, but it didn't stop her from working for her church.

The Rev. Rick Wagner, the Fiegers' pastor, called her "indefatigable" and "a world champion multitasker."

"She was always busy," said Wagner, but when asked to take on a task "she had one answer only: 'Yes.'"

She also sang in the choir, taught Sunday school and performed pastoral duties.

In addition to her husband and daughter, she is survived by her son, David of Minnetonka; brother, Duane (Skip) Talus of Houston, and one granddaughter.

Services have been held.