Reporter | Environment

Jennifer Bjorhus  is a reporter covering the environment for the Star Tribune. 

Bjorhus previously covered a range of topics for major metro newspapers, including the Seattle Times and San Jose Mercury News. She lives in St. Paul with her husband, Ranjit, and has two sons and a cat.

Replacing water heaters with heat pumps can help the environment, and get you a tax credit

Tax credits and subsidies are available for this lesser known appliance.

Minnesota nitrate contamination shows little sign of going away, despite years of effort

Minnesota has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce nitrate contamination of drinking water and rivers. The progress so far is negligible.

Twin Cities man's dying wish: Compost me for the benefit of the planet

He died in September, but Steve Wheeler's journey could change Minnesota.

Minnesota DNR reports first discovery of non-native signal crayfish in state

The large crayfish could become invasive, displacing native species.

Record-low trapping numbers may point to trouble for Minnesota muskrats

Long-term decline of the small semiaquatic mammal flitting through waters in Minnesota raising flags.

Climate change spiked heat that canceled Twin Cities Marathon, climatologist says

The muggy 92-degree weather was more than 40 degrees hotter than ideal for running, race officials said.

On a stretch of gravel road, Dodge County families ravaged by cancer question nitrate

The chemical from farm fertilizers and manure spread on fields has been found in drinking water wells.

Environmental groups sue EPA over water pollution from large livestock farms

They claim waste from the megafarms is contributing to a national clean water crisis.

Group gets $10M to plant thousands of trees to cool urban heat islands in Minnesota

Federal grant to Great River Greening will finance planting nearly 14,000 trees over the next five years.

Unauthorized drainage ditch still scars fields in southwest Minnesota

Lyon County farmers have until the end of the year to plug the ditch and install a dam-like structure on marsh.