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Its habitat decimated, this charismatic Minnesota bird is dancing on the edge of oblivion

Minnesota's prairie chickens were once so abundant their flocks cast shadows on the ground. But like so many other species, they're dying out.

Minnesota set to clamp down on greenhouse gases: 'It's a big, heavy lift'

State's new climate plan calls for faster, deeper cuts in global warming gases.

6th mass extinction is underway in Minn. — but squads of defenders are fighting back

The list of species at risk of statewide extinction grows ever longer. But these vulnerable plants and animals have defenders: In Blaine, scientists and volunteers mobilized to rescue a patch of rare bristle-berries from road construction.

These 50 animals and plants have disappeared from Minnesota

Scientists know the actual number of extirpated species is much larger, but we don't have a full picture of what species have lived here.

How you can help Minnesota's most endangered animals and plants

Across the state, people are taking measures to save vulnerable species at risk of extinction. Here's what you can do.

Dozens of Line 3 protesters in Minnesota still face prosecution

Enbridge-funded public safety account paid $8.6 million for policing Line 3 construction.

5 changes Minnesotans will likely see from the historic climate bill

The Inflation Reduction Act has the potential to transform the way we drive, heat our homes and grow our food.

Water spills again from aquifer breached by northern Minnesota pipeline

Groundwater was discovered bubbling from a breach that Enbridge Energy said it had sealed last year.

How the little, polluted Crow River clouds the Mississippi

The Crow is the first major agricultural river emptying into the mighty waterway, and it doubles the Mississippi's nutrient pollution, state officials say, adding phosphorous, nitrogen and sediment.

Extinction threat may be greater than known, study finds

Nearly one in three species of all kinds — 30% — face global extinction or have been driven to extinction since the year 1500, according to research led by the University of Minnesota.