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On this special episode of Daily Delivery, host Michael Rand checks in with Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan, who is in Tokyo along with Rachel Blount covering one of the biggest stories in Minnesota sports history: Suni Lee, the 18-year-old gymnast from St. Paul, won the Olympic gold medal in the women's all-around competition on Thursday morning. You'll hear Souhan's perspective on just how amazing this is, how it fits into the context of Minnesota sports history and how Lee's bravery in competing at the highest level sits side-by-side with Simon Biles' bravery in pulling out of the competition.

Rand is then joined by Star Tribune reporter Zoe Jackson, who was in Oakdale with about 300 Lee supporters for a watch party early Thursday. You'll hear audio of the moment Jackson was talking to Lee's sister when Suni called on FaceTime from Tokyo, sending the watch party into an eruption of cheers.

And Star Tribune Olympics editor Naila-Jean Meyers talks us through just how Lee was able to pull off a nearly flawless set of routines, and the strategy involved in bringing home Olympic gold.

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