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Surprising mercury pollution improvements in Minnesota lakes raise questions, give hope

Scientists are rethinking how much local efforts might pay off.

Minnesota ranchers in wolf range to get help to protect livestock

The latest round of grants from the state Department of Agriculture will help ranchers build pens and fences, and buy guard donkeys

Minnesota's cleaned-up lakes, rivers show a path forward

Eagan proves it's far easier to shield lakes from pollutants than to clean them up, but it can be done.

As winters warm, Minnesota lakes have lost about two weeks of ice coverage over last 50 years

Lakes are freezing later and thawing earlier.

Minnesota's forests at risk as invasive jumping worms spread

The worms, which lay waste to soil, have spread to forests throughout the Twin Cities area.

Bernadette Christiansen, leader at the Guthrie Theater and McKnight Foundation, dies at 63

Christiansen died Nov. 8 at the age of 63.

Minnesota's river giants steadily returning after dams removed

Paddlefish and sturgeon are finding breeding grounds they haven't been able to reach for a century.

How many of Minnesota's plants and animals can survive in small pockets of old forests?

Researchers aim to find how many species can live in small fragments of the state's old Big Woods.

Are Minnesota's creek restorations working?

Researchers hope to find out by studying restored creeks over several years.

MPCA to ask hundreds of businesses to begin monitoring for PFAS

The voluntary monitoring, which will focus not only on finding and reducing contamination in rivers and lakes, but also identifying sources of air, soil and groundwater pollution, would begin this winter.