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Welcome to shark-proof, hurricane-free, earthquake-resistant Minnesota! Friday's 4.8 magnitude tremor in New Jersey was a bit jarring.

Minnesota has some of the oldest rocks on the planet underfoot (granitic gneisses, formed roughly 3.6 billion years ago). Dr. Google informs me that Minnesota is one of the least seismically active states in the United States. But there have been 20 quakes in the last 160 years, the largest in Morris in 1975 (4.7 on the Richter scale). Thanks Paul, I'll sure sleep better tonight.

At least we have some warning of extreme weather. Most days. There is still no way to predict earthquakes in advance that passes the scientific smell-test.

Rake the lawn Saturday, the nicer day of the weekend for outdoor stuff. High cirrus clouds dim the sun and winds gust to 30 mph, but we should see upper 50s. Rain arrives Sunday and Monday; over half an inch of liquid gold may fall.

The real warmth has been delayed, but I'm confident we'll enjoy 60s, even a shot at 70 next weekend.