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One month from today, Republicans in Minnesota's Second Congressional District will meet to endorse a candidate for Congress and for the first time in 14 years, it won't be John Kline.

Congressman Kline announced last September that he would not seek re-election to Congress this year, triggering announcements by multiple Republican candidates that they would run for Kline's seat.

Before Kline announced he would not seek an eighth term in Congress, David Gerson, an engineer, already announced he would challenge Kline again for re-election in 2016.

Former State Senator John Howe, former radio show host Jason Lewis, and businesswoman Darlene Miller are Gerson's competition for the Republican Party of Minnesota's endorsement for Congress in the Second Congressional District.

Gerson sought the Republican endorsement for Congress in 2014, but was defeated by Kline at the Second Congressional District Republican Convention.

Since Kline's announcement that he would not run again, Gerson has been traveling across the district to meet with delegates to the upcoming endorsing convention.

Two years since he was defeated by Kline for the Republican endorsement for Congress, Gerson's work ethic has put him in position to win the Republican endorsement next month in Apple Valley.

Gerson defeated Lewis by one vote in a straw ballot conducted after a debate last week in Hastings and Gerson won another straw ballot in February after a debate in Cannon Falls.

In an interview this morning, Gerson said "good old-fashioned hard work" has placed him as the likely front-runner for the Republican endorsement.

Gerson added that his campaign "is staying positive with what we're doing versus getting distracted," by the other candidates.

Only Gerson and Lewis have agreed to abide by the endorsement of Republicans in the Second District. Howe said he would abide by the endorsement if all of the candidates did, but Miller announced she would run in the primary even if she does not win the Republican endorsement.

"When Kline dropped out of the race, I was not considered a serious candidate," said Gerson. "But we knew with hard work, that we could get the results."

The Second Congressional District Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, May 7, at Apple Valley High School.

Picture source: Gerson for Congress