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The cities of Falcon Heights and St. Anthony are soliciting community feedback on a potential renewal of their policing partnership.

Falcon Heights was policed by the St. Anthony Police Department from 1994 to 2017, when the partnership ended after then-St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez shot and killed motorist Philando Castile during a Falcon Heights traffic stop. The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office has been policing Falcon Heights since 2018 in an arrangement both the city and the Sheriff's Office are seeking to end, leaving Falcon Heights looking for other options.

In a news release, Falcon Heights said proximity, level of service, financial considerations and the values of a St. Anthony Police Department that has evolved since Castile's death align with the city's needs. St. Anthony police also cover nearby Lauderdale.

At a joint work session last week, officials emphasized the importance of community engagement in the process of considering a renewed partnership.

"The very fact that we're having this conversation stirs a lot of emotions for everybody," said Falcon Heights City Council Member Melanie Leehy at the session, advocating for communication both on policing and how the cities relate to one other.

The Falcon Heights contact form can be found here.

The St. Anthony contact form can be found here.