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At the risk of being Debbie Downer it's still too early for victory laps and high-fives. 50s in January. 60s in February. 70s in February! "Lighten up, Paul. Spring has sprung!" [insert sinister laughter here]

Mother Nature sure does have a wicked sense of humor. Although confidence levels this far out are very low, there is a chance of snow late next week. Yep, a statistically good chance I'll have to put my driveway stakes back in. Any would-be storm may stay south (that's been a common theme in recent months) but my point: We are not out of the (snowy) woods just yet.

In other news, the risk of subzero weather is now close to zero, but a cool correction is likely with highs mostly in the 40s the latter half of March. It will be cold enough for (slushy) snow, but a high sun angle, equivalent to late September, means any snow that might fall won't stick around for long. I mean, what can go wrong?

Enjoy cool sun today and 30-mph gusts this weekend as a clipper cools us into the 30s. Hey, it's March.