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The Minneapolis City Council election prompted some commotion outside one polling place Tuesday in the Sixth Ward.

Police responded to an afternoon incident across the street from the Brian Coyle Center, an election judge at the polling place said. People campaigning outside on the sidewalk had bottles thrown at them from the apartment balconies above them.

An hour later, city officials addressed another disturbance across the street.

A group supporters of Council Member Jamal Osman gathered, held campaign signs and stood next to a vehicle plastered with Osman's picture and name. Several of them argued with an election judge, saying they did not trust the Somali American election judges and accused them of showing favoritism.

A precinct support judge for the Sixth Ward, who was called to speak with the group, reassured them that the city had hired election workers who had taken an oath and were prepared to help voters mark their ballots and provide translation. The judge said political campaigners were not allowed inside the polling place.

A few feet from the Osman campaigners, a small group of people supporting candidates Tiger Worku and Kayseh Magan quietly held signs.

Fadumo "Taani" Yusuf, a former Minneapolis resident drove from her Apple Valley home to encourage residents to cast their votes for Magan. She said Magan has the skills and experience to help fix issues affecting new Americans, including housing and safety.

"He's a new change that the community needs," said Yusuf, who previously ran unsuccessfully for several city and state offices.

Hannah Ward, a University of Minnesota student reporter on assignment for the Star Tribune, contributed to this report.