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Rena Sarigianopoulos' "BEST. DAY. EVER." included a ride over the Hennepin Avenue Bridge in a Bentley convertible being driven by the KARE 11 anchor's newly minted husband, Scott.

Scott popped the question in March and the two were married Saturday at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church in front of 175 guests.

One photo on RobertEvans.com shows Sarigianopoulos sticking out of the Bentley, arms stretched out, bouquet in left hand. "I love the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. I just wanted to go down by the river because I love the river so much and they were: Why don't we drive over the bridge?" Sarigianopoulos told me Monday while not on a honeymoon. "At some point we'll go somewhere but I still have family in town," said the anchor, who'll return to the desk Saturday.

There was only one wedding day glitch. The mothers — Rena's is Beverly and Scott's is Peggy — and the bride-elect planned to have their hair and makeup done at Peggy's residence until she lost power in the storm. So the fluffing and buffing was moved to Scott's and Rena's place. "That was 7:45 in the morning and from then on it was the perfect day, it really was," Sarigianopoulos said.

Scott had the hookup chariot-wise. A medical device salesman, he recently also started selling Maseratis, Bentleys and Aston Martins at Morrie's Luxury Auto.

Two recent parties that were practically Bentley parades caused me to go to Morrie's couple weeks ago. The cars I looked at were breathtaking, visually and financially, at $270,000. I loooooove cars but … nooo.

"He loves cars so much but we don't own that Bentley," Sarigianopoulos said with a laugh. "If it doesn't have a bathroom and a basement and a roof over the top, I don't want" to spend $270,000 on an item. The luxury rides seemed to be rolling out of Morrie's without any help from me or her.

I told Sarigianopoulos I finally figured out what I liked about her new husband's looks so much when I was retweeting a wedding photo this weekend. What is so arresting about the shape of Scott's face?

"It's a real strong jaw line," she said. "He looks like a GQ model."

Congratulations on getting to look at that every morning.

Be able to take the heat

"Cosby Show" actor Joseph C. Phillips chatted with his boyhood friend Clinton Collins Jr., a Minneapolis attorney, before gently ripping into Bill Cosby in a josephcphillips.com piece that has gone viral.

"I told him, 'You've got to be careful about this,'' Collins told me Sunday. "I told him to avoid calling Cosby guilty because that was a legal distinction. I said, 'The boy [Cosby] is suffering and he'll continue to suffer. Sticking your neck out like this, you know people won't forget it, so if you do it you better make sure you can take the heat."

I called to congratulate Phillips after seeing his "CBS Sunday Morning" commentary, which said Cosby needs to show some character now that his reputation is gone. He is the first castmate to go public about the accusations — and now admissions — that Cosby drugged women before having sex. "The response has been mostly positive and then the idiots and crazy people bring up the rear," Phillips said.

In December I learned from Collins the reason why Phillips posted these words on Facebook: "That moment when you realize that your boyhood idol is a predatory scoundrel." Collins told me I could not yet report that Phillips had discovered that a friend was among the victims. Phillips disclosed that in his online commentary on josephcphillips.com.

Phillips told me he wrote the piece because "I felt that I had been beating around the bush and kind of saying I believe the allegations." The depositions released leave no doubt.

"I'm telling him to go away," said Phillips. "Don't make appearances, write op-eds, release statements by your attorney, perform. Just go."

Happy Birthday early, Woody

Where's the party for Woody Harrelson? Thursday is his birthday. There must be a party somewhere for one of Hollywood's most regular guys? Harrelson is in the Twin Cities shooting the movie "Wilson" with Laura Dern and Judy Greer.

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