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Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA, but that's not the only sport he can play. Edwards has long talked about his love of football, which he excelled at in his youth.

It appears he still can play.

That gargantuan throw caught the notice of another pretty good quarterback: Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. Brady, who recently came out of a brief retirement and plans to play for Tampa Bay again this season, questioned Edwards' choice of profession.

Brady has a point, he has made $303 million over 22 of the most illustrious seasons in NFL history, according to Spotrac, which isn't bad. But Karl-Anthony Towns' recent five-year contract extension was worth over half that at $158 million.

Still Edwards didn't seem to mind the idea of teaming up with Brady:

Anyway, all of this left the Wolves wondering what in the world is happening:

It's all a decent excuse to recall that Anthony Edwards is joyous, as our Chris Hine reported earlier this year.