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Mannix teaches at the University of Minnesota journalism school, of which he's an alumnus. He holds a master's degree from University of California-Berkeley, where he focused on data-driven investigative journalism. His work for the Star Tribune includes reports about solitary confinement conditions in Minnesota prisons, the use of sedatives in police encounters and several high-profile officer-involved shootings. Prior to joining the Star Tribune, Mannix wrote about a variety of topics, such as crime, recreational marijuana and politics, for publications including The Seattle Times, MinnPost, City Pages and The Minnesota Daily. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and a dog named Laika.

From Mpls. riots to Jan. 6, social media users share their crimes

It's a trend called "performance crime," a bewildering phenomenon often driven by a quest for online clout and not limited to any age group, education level or ideology. The oversharing by lawbreakers makes life easier for police

Boogaloo Bois member accused in plot to attack Minnesota Capitol pleads guilty to firearm charge

Michael Paul Dahlager, 27, is guilty of possessing two drop in auto sears, which turn semiautomatic guns into automatics.

As Third Precinct burned, Minneapolis police destroyed case files

Police say they were protecting sensitive information from falling into the hands of rioters. A defense attorney argues the officers destroyed key evidence in her client's drug case.

Lawsuit: Mpls. police shot peaceful George Floyd protester in face with projectile

Ana Maria Gelhaye suffered a permanent eye injury, according to the suit filed in federal court.

Six arrested in massive trafficking operation that brought California marijuana to Minnesota, charges say

While many states have loosened laws on marijuana, federal enforcement continues.

Twin Cities financial broker sentenced to 7 years in federal prison for bilking millions from clients

Isaiah Leslie Goodman used his investors' money to fund his lavish lifestyle, and fabricated phony information about their accounts to evade suspicion.

Canadian man pleads guilty to transporting illegal guns in Minnesota

A 29-year-old man from Canada pleaded guilty on Wednesday to transporting 67 illegal guns in a rented truck traveling east on Interstate 94 in…

State board agrees to pay $300,000 to former Chief Hennepin County Public Defender

In the out-of-court settlement, Mary Moriarty agreed to retire from the Hennepin County Public Defender's Office, where she is still technically employed.

How will Third Precinct arsonists pay restitution? They probably won't

$12M restitution for Third Precinct fire sends signal; debt unlikely to be paid off.

Man whose erratic behavior led to flight landing in MSP pleads guilty to cocaine charge

Mark A. Scerbo, of Mechanicville, N.Y., scared other passengers by calling them racial slurs, professing his love and claiming to be a prophet.