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We needed a chair for our downstairs cabinet-style living room desk. I wanted to find a chair that would be comfortable and functional but also integrate nicely with the rest of our furniture without looking out of place.

After dozens of searches on the Internet and visits to several furniture stores, I found one that worked -- the Eames Management Chair by Herman Miller. I loved the shiny aluminum frame and the sleek leather back. However, I was less in love with the price, at $1,500.

With a little time on the Internet, I was able to find a great-looking replica called the Premier Leather Office Chair from Zuo Modern at where I am a contributing writer for the company blog. Although slightly different, it is a tribute to the original Eames design. Plus, unlike many of the other replicas I found, it featured an aluminum frame and an Italian leather seat at about a third of the cost of the Herman Miller chair. I ordered it and am waiting with great anticipation for its arrival.

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