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We are about to take weather whiplash to a whole new level. Today: March. Wednesday: January. Thursday: Early April. This weekend: May. Good luck dressing yourself this week.

A quick slap of cold air arrives today on gusty winds. A coating to an inch of snow is possible tonight. Wednesday will bring blue sky, highs near 20 degrees and a subzero windchill — one curiously cold day, and then warming right back up again. A return flow of milder air should be good for 50s Thursday and Friday with 60s over the weekend. I wouldn't be shocked to see 70 degrees on Sunday, with sticky humidity and a nighttime swarm of strong thunderstorms. Yes, March often brings wild extremes and next week will be Exhibit A. Next Monday could, in theory, bring accumulating snow, but that's pure speculation this far out.

A supernaturally persistent mild signal spills into mid-March. Will we see more slushy snows? Yes. Sustained chill? Probably not. Subzero lows are possible in March but fairly rare. An early spring in 2024? Odds seem to favor that.