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Back in 1981, South St. Paul headed to the state tournament -- under then-coach Doug Woog -- wearing something relatively new in the hockey world: Cooperalls.

Suddenly, regular old breezers had turned passé.

In the Minneapolis Tribune, John Gilbert wrote that Cooperalls look "like warm-up pants but have form-fitting pads built in. The design is sleek and is intended to prevent the pads from shifting in contact."

"We got them Monday," Woog told Gilbert. "…We think they give more protection. We had lost a couple players – Phil Housley for two weeks and Tom Stile for five weeks – because of thigh injuries. Besides, we thought we could come in with a little class from Cowtown."

Personally, I hated Cooperalls, watching those early-1980s tournaments as a young hockey player at the time. But looking back at the photos now, I have to admit it. They're glorious.