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paulallenThe National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (yes, there is such a thing) gave out Sports Emmy Awards on Tuesday (yes, that is a thing). The awards, as you would imagine, are given out to the best that broadcast sports had to offer in the past year, from live programming to studio shows to original productions.

Fox Sports claimed 18 awards, the most of any entity, followed by NBC (15), Turner Sports (nine) and ESPN (seven). The awards also sparked an interesting Twitter question from Paul Pabst, who works on Dan Patrick’s show:

Sports Emmy’s are tonight: You’re starting an all-sports network, who would be your No.1 overall draft pick (cost doesn’t matter) and why?

Plenty of responses followed, with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt getting a lot of love (and rightfully so).

But it also got a few of us around the office thinking: if the same question was applied locally and included both TV and radio, who would you be the No. 1 overall pick if starting a Minnesota-based all sports network?

With multiple sports talk radio stations providing numerous voices in addition to play-by-play folks and analysts for TV and radio providing more, there a lot of options. (I’m not considering writers here because most of us are painfully shy and bad at self-promotion).

You could argue for KFAN’s Paul Allen based on versatility, visibility and reach. He has a popular sports talk show. He’s the play-by-play radio voice of the Vikings. He calls races at Canterbury. And he has more Twitter followers (132K) than any other media member working in the Twin Cities.

His KFAN colleague, Dan Barreiro, is in the mix (even if I find myself drifting toward 1500-am on plenty of occasions when I do listen to local sports talk radio).

If we’re talking straight-up analyst talent, Jim Petersen’s work on FSN’s Timberwolves broadcasts is top-notch. But like a lot of his fellow FSN analysts, he’s pretty sport-specific. An FSN exception is Marney Gellner, who reports on multiple sports (Twins and Wolves) while also doing play-by-play for Lynx games and is adept in all of those roles.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I’ll stop there and give you a chance to think about it, then add some names in the comments.

(Investors for this hypothetical all-sports network should e-mail me privately).