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Reporter | Outdoors

Tony Kennedy covers the outdoors for the Star Tribune. Previously he had been an investigative reporter since 2002, starting with a probe of the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone. His work includes a 2012 collection of stories on executive compensation at the University of Minnesota; a four-part series on judicial penalties against BNSF Corp.; and an examination of factors leading to the collapse of the I-35W Bridge.

Hunting bluebills still thrilling despite their scarcity

But veterans of the pursuit lament the shortage of birds in Minnesota — 'It's just a shame'

Grouse leverage greenery to their advantage in hunting season opener

Game wardens across Minnesota's grouse-hunting range witnessed a decent effort but scant success last weekend during the season opener for ruffed grouse, spruce grouse and Northwest Zone sharptailed grouse.

Wildlife managers seek to regain authority to kill problem cormorants

Fish and Wildlife officials looking to reverse ruling to allow culling of birds deemed destructive.

DNR deal raises suspicion, distrust among Mille Lacs walleye anglers

Indication that public wasn't supposed to know details of walleye deal causes a stir.

Minnesota's overall bear shortage a paradox amid soaring hunter success

Shortage of natural foods causes the animals to make themselves obvious.

Minnesota DNR extends ban on feeding deer by 11 more counties

The state Department of Natural Resources has expanded a ban on deer feeding to 11 central and north-central counties to guard against the spread of…

Data confirms pheasant carnage from South Dakota's insufferable drought

Ringneck estimates are down 45 percent.

DNR, fearing spread of CWD, wants owner of troubled deer farm penalized

Fearing spread of CWD, agency pushing animal health board to suspend farmer's license.

Walleye fishing on Mille Lacs reopens with a whimper

Walleyes were biting on big lake for those anglers going out.

College angler tournament 'great' for host Bemidji

Minnesota's Lake Bemidji this week will host 90 of the nation's best collegiate angler teams for three days of bass competition in a series that will determine a national Bassmaster college champion.