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The Super Bowl is still 33 days away, but commuters who pass by U.S. Bank Stadium will start encountering road closures on Tuesday.

Traffic will not be allowed on Chicago Avenue between 4th and 6th streets, on 5th Street between 11th Avenue and 6th Street, and on Norm McGrew Place between 3rd and 4th streets. Those streets will stay closed until Feb. 11, a week after the Super Bowl.

And that's just a preview of what's coming. Starting Jan. 27, 4th Street between Park Avenue and I-35W will be shut down. And starting Jan. 29, 6th Street between Chicago and 11th avenues S. and 11th Avenue between 3rd and 6th streets will close. Basically that means streets within a block or two of the stadium will be closed starting Jan. 29.

Commuters who use 6th Street to access eastbound I-94 or 4th Street to access southbound I-35W may want to practice and experiment with alternate routes now.

While streets around the stadium are closed, drivers needing to get to I-35W can use ramps off Washington Avenue. Drivers needing to get to eastbound I-94 can use 8th Street to 11th Avenue, then take a right on 6th Street to the freeway ramp.

Even more street closures in downtown Minneapolis kick in on Feb. 2, the Friday before the game. Here's a map with dates and closure locations.