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Randy Furst is a Star Tribune general assignment reporter covering a range of issues, including tenants rights, minority rights, American Indian rights and police accountability. 

Furst has spent most of his 45-year career at The Minneapolis Star and later at the combined Star Tribune as a general assignment reporter. He has been nominated four times for the Pulitzer Prize (a series on the condition of migrant workers; questions regarding the innocence of two black men convicted of rape; the arrest of three Northwest Airline pilots for drinking and flying; and the exposure of a rogue Metro Gang Strike Force, which was forced to disband) and was a finalist twice.

How did Minnesota become one of the most racially inequitable states?

By almost any measurement, Minnesota is plagued by racial disparities — in unemployment, in poverty, in homeownership. Readers want to know what's behind the inequities.

With 100 people facing eviction, tenants rally in south Minneapolis

The controversial landlord has filed formal eviction papers for residents living in apartment buildings in south Minneapolis.

BCA identifies two St. Paul police officers involved in shooting incident

One was slightly injured when he was hit by a stolen car. The other fired shots at the car, which fled.

Guard charged in Minnesota Marine's shooting death

A Marine security guard is accused of taking out his pistol and "pulling the trigger in jest" in the killing of a fellow Marine.

As Frenz landlord controversy continues, tenants arrive home to find apartment demolished, belongings tossed

"They took our memories," laments tenant after they return to their south Minneapolis apartment to find it stripped.

Housing court referee orders repairs of Frenz properties, but opens door to possible evictions

The city of Minneapolis says it wants to make an effort to keep low income tenants from losing their apartments.

Mpls. police docs: Woman who accused Chinese billionaire of rape sought money, apology

An attorney for the woman who alleged Richard Liu raped her called the allegations of extortion "ridiculous."

Minn. Court of Appeals upholds provisional release of child sex abuser

The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Monday upheld a decision to release a prolific child molester from the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) over the…

Dr. Elliot Chesler, who created one of top VA cardiology units in country, dies at 87

His medical career spanned three continents as he became a respected and influential doctor.

Mpls. tenants march on landlord's church, asking that he not evict them

Their goal is to buy buildings from the landlord and create renter-owned cooperatives.