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Reporter | Minneapolis

Randy Furst is a general assignment reporter covering Minneapolis for the Star Tribune.

Angry renters demonstrate outside landlord Stephen Frenz's home

Renters demonstrate in Minneapolis and St. Paul over issues of gentrification and housing deterioration this week.

Landlord kept control of Mpls. apartments after he was banned

Major landlord Spiros Zorbalas continued to have majority ownership and controls of apartment complexes, documents show.

With too many homeless, too few beds, Mpls. policy debated

A $400,000 federal grant offered to Minneapolis is at the heart of a debate over the best way to help the city's homeless.

Embattled landlord files defiant affidavit in Mpls. case

Landlord mogul Spiros Zorbalas, who was banned by the Minneapolis City Council from renting property in the city for five years, has filed a defiant affidavit saying he has every right to co-own apartment buildings with Stephen Frenz.

Collection and disposal of old, unused medicines in Hennepin County mushrooms

Hennepin County effort has collected 100,000 pounds of expired and unused drugs.

Landlord Stephen Frenz sells off his apartment buildings, but lawsuit seeks to block him

Tenants say it clears him of what 'they are due.'

Massive project works to uncover racist restrictions in Mpls. housing deeds

As many as 10,000 or more Minneapolis homeowners have property deeds with so-called "racial covenants." A team of University of Minnesota researchers is determined to find them all.

'I was terrified,' said renter struck by bricks at Mpls. apartment facade collapse

Minneapolis resident woke up to a crash as part of an apartment facade collapsed.

3-story Mpls. apartment building evacuated after brick facade falls

The Elliot Park building is owned by Stephen Frenz, an apartment owner who faces revocation of all his rental licenses.

Minnesota company sells camera that police can put on gun

Maple Plain manufacturer makes a small device that records a gun's movements; several departments have offered to try them out.