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Ryan falls short in first test of Trump presidency

House Speaker Paul Ryan guaranteed a win on the Republican plan to dismantle Barack Obama's health care law. Instead, he suffered a brutal defeat, cancelling a vote and admitting "we're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future."

Justice Department says it still needs private prisons, despite fewer inmates

In this June 15, 2010 file photo, the Idaho Correctional Center is shown south of Boise, Idaho, operated by Corrections Corporation of America.

Officials pointed to the 14 percent drop since 2013 as a reason to end plans to build a government-run prison.

Montana bill seeks abortion ban on 'pain-capable' fetuses

A bill seeking to ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy has won endorsement from the Montana Senate.

Top Senate Democrat opposes Supreme Court pick, vows filibuster

Senate Democrats vowed Thursday to impede Judge Neil Gorsuch's path to the Supreme Court, setting up a political showdown.

White House gambles, demands make-or-break health care vote

Abandoning negotiations, President Donald Trump demanded a make-or-break vote on health care legislation in the House, threatening to leave "Obamacare" in place and move on to other issues if Friday's vote fails.

With $300M in private funds, Rochester's DMC project set to get $585M in public aid

Public dollars pledged by Legislature will now be available for Destination Medical Center project.

Walker expresses disappointment with inaction on health bill

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is expressing disappointment with the failure of the Republican health care bill in Congress.

Where Minnesota's delegation stands on GOP health care bill
Hot Dish Politics

As the House prepares to vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act, here's what Minnesota's federal representatives have been saying about the bill.

Sens. Franken, Klobuchar question Neil Gorsuch on big business
Hot Dish Politics

Minnesota senators sharply questioned federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch during Wednesday's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, grilling him on whether he'd be protect the interests of ordinary people over corporations.

The Latest: California air regulators keep fuel standards

The Latest on California's car-emission standards (all times local):

Walker's call for House vote on health care bill ignored

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker expressed disappointment Friday with the failure of the Republican plan to overhaul the national health care law but said he remained hopeful that future changes could be made.

Arkansas governor signs bill reinstating voter ID law

Arkansas' governor signed a measure Friday requiring voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot, reinstating a voter ID law that was struck down by the state's highest court more than two years ago.

Stocks wobble, finish mixed as GOP pulls plug on health bill

U.S. stocks flirted with sharp losses but managed a mixed finish after Republicans canceled a vote on their health care bill because it became clear the bill would fail. Hospital stocks soared in response, while companies that stand to benefit from other Trump proposals faltered.

Trump OKs Keystone pipeline, calling it 'great day' for jobs

President Donald Trump greenlighted the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, declaring it a "great day for American jobs" and siding with energy advocates over environmental groups in a heated debate over climate change.

Some parts of Obamacare working well, problems with others

Once again, "Obamacare" has survived a near-death experience. It won't be the end of the political debate, but House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledges, "We're going to be living with 'Obamacare' for the foreseeable future."

Plan to dig up President Polk's body _ again _ stirs trouble

President James K. Polk did big things for America, dramatically expanding its borders by annexing Texas and seizing California and the Southwest in a war with Mexico. Achieving undisturbed eternal rest has proved more difficult.

The Latest: US government opposes Hawaii injunction request

The Latest on challenges to President Donald Trump's proposed travel ban (all times local):

General favors more aggressive approach in Somalia

Vowing he won't turn Somalia into a "free fire zone," the commander of U.S. Africa Command said Friday he wants greater authority to conduct airstrikes and use military forces in the African country to allow the U.S. to strike al-Qaida-linked militants more quickly.

US Jews wrestle with arrest of Jew in bomb threats case

Jewish groups had pointed to scores of bomb threats against their communities as the most dramatic example of what they considered a surge in anti-Semitism. Some blamed a far-right emboldened by President Donald Trump. Now, that picture has been complicated by the arrest of an Israeli Jewish hacker who authorities say is responsible for the harassment.