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Louie Anderson took a break from his set in Hugo, Minn. to raise a glass of ice water to "Baskets," roughly 90 minutes after FX had aired the series finale.

Saluting the show that put the St. Paul native back on the map was only part of Thursday night's journey down memory lane.

After someone fetched his glasses from the green room, Anderson scrolled through his cell phone to read his all-time favorite "fat" jokes, some of which dated back to his first appearance on "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson" and his debut as a stand-up at the long-ago shuttered Mickey Finn's comedy club in Minneapolis.

(One of the best: "When I go camping, bears put their food up in a tree.")

The segment was part of a new show Anderson is developing that focuses on his food addiction. Anderson had gotten away from riffing about his weight in recent years, but he admitted backstage at the Withrow Ballroom and Event Center that he was still looking for "closure."

The goal is to do a one-hour special for TV that looks back at his food issues -- and then retire the material once and for all.

Anderson also shared that he'll be flying to Atlanta on Monday to shoot his cameo in "Coming 2 America." But before then, he has two more shows in the area.