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A look at what’s behind today's Minnesota business headlines.

Frandsen Bank CEO takes new role after 30 years at helm

CEO Rich Hoban of Frandsen Financial will relinquish his role running the banking subsidiary to focus on acquisitions.

Rothschild retires as chairman of Twin Cities Rise

Rothschild retires as chairman of Twin Cities Rise

The former General Mills executive started Twin Cities Rise in 1993 and has helped thousands of unemployed and underemployed Minnesotans since.

Board compensation at public companies rose steadily in last five years

Compensation for board members at largest public companies in the United States rose 16.3 percent in the last five years.

Minneapolis-based MyMeds launches Mayo Clinic partnership

MyMeds was started informally in 2001 by Dr. Rajiv Shah over frustrations that his patients weren't taking their medications because they were confused, forgetful or for other reasons.

Bezos $100 million housing fund benefits Simpson Housing Services

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, one of the world's biggest billionaires, has created a $97.5 million housing fund that's part of a $2 billion philanthropic outreach.

State hires IPS Solar for project at Capitol complex

IPS Solar has won a contract from the Minnesota Department of Administration that is supposed to pay back the state's $1.5 million investment within 15 years

Xcel goal to provide 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050

By 2030, the Minneapolis-based utility pledges to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent from 2005 levels in the eight states it serves.

The Minneapolis-based utility says its pledge is the most ambitious among U.S. utilities.

Uponor, Minnesota State Mankato, Carrot Health are Tekne winners

There were 16 winners at the annual November awards competition that stress value-added manufacturing, energy efficiency, workforce-and-community development and STEM education.

Business community unable to reach housing deal with city council

Minneapolis developers oppose Council President Lisa Bender's ordinance that would require them to provide 10 percent of units in new rental housing for low-income people.

Medicare deadline comes with an asterisk

For more than 300,000 people losing Medicare Cost plans, there are limited ways to re-visit decisions after Dec. 7.

FDA and industry agree to label romaine lettuce with place of origin

Romaine lettuce still sits on the shelves in the produce area of an Albertsons market Tuesday in Simi Valley, Calif. Health officials told people to s

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Monday it is suggesting all romaine lettuce now bear harvest date and location information to help consumers and trace back efforts when food-safety breaches do occur -- and industry agreed.

General Mills to Hollywood: Make a movie about our monster cereals

General Mills is looking for producers and creators to come up with movies for its monster cereal characters, Frankenberry and Count Chocula, who alre

General Mills thinks its cereal monsters would make a good muse and wants Hollywood to create a film about these sugar-hungry characters.

Cleveland-Cliffs starts stock repurchase plan

Parent firm that runs three iron mines in Minnesota starts stock repurchase plan

The stock market has erased a year's worth of gains this fall

The stock market, despite Wednesday's uptick, is down for the year. The Main Street economy looks pretty good.

Twin Cities already has Amazon -- and more

The debate is underway over whether the winners paid too much to lure regional headquarters of go-go Amazon. Organic, retain-and-expand work, including investing in workforce development and infrastructure, works best and most economically.

Business Super Tuesday: Four Minnesota giants report results and all can be thankful

There were a lot of numbers to digest from Minnesota companies on Tuesday.

For some Minnesota accountants and investors, it was a big morning.

Health-tech firm Revel adds two execs from RedBrick

Revel, a health-tech firm that works for big insurers, has added a couple execs from RedBrick Health, which sold earlier this year to the larger Virgin Pulse of Rhode Island

Sleep Number tops JD Power rankings

Sleep Number topped JD Power's mattress satisfaction rankings for third time in four years.

Minnesotans engage the Medicare v. Medicare Advantage debate

More than 300,000 people losing Medicare Cost plans across 66 counties face a choice between the original Medicare program and newer Advantage plans from private insurers

New videos raise autism awareness in diverse Minnesota communities

Free videos produced by state show parents from diverse communities talking about getting kids tested early in life for autism spectrum disorders