Business Columnist

He moved to the Twin Cities and joined the Star Tribune in 2013. Ramstad previously worked for The Wall Street Journal in Seoul, Hong Kong and Dallas, and the Associated Press in New York, Washington and Dallas and briefly at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He grew up in Grinnell, Iowa, where he got a start in journalism at radio station KGRN.

Ramstad: Something might finally happen with burned-out Third Precinct police station

The building has inexplicably been left standing on Lake Street since the 2020 riots after the police murder of George Floyd.

Ramstad: Minnesota lawmakers should ban noncompete agreements to bolster workforce

Banning noncompete agreements removes another barrier to hiring and job mobility.

Ramstad: Karmel Mall's Basim Sabri makes his biggest move, a sign of growing immigrant prosperity

Construction is nearing an end on a $50 million building that doubles the size of the Karmel mall and adds apartments.

Ramstad: Recent jobs data reminds us numbers don't lie — except when they do

The government recently revised states' workforce declines, which cut Minnesota's decline in half — a reminder of the illusory nature of economic data.

Ramstad: Readers weigh in on Denny Sanford and his billions

My glib use of the word "get" upset some who defended how Sanford made his money.

Ramstad: No, there aren't too many apartments being built in the Twin Cities

But builders are uneasy about confusing census data and votes on rent control that sent a terrible signal.

Ramstad: One of four Minnesotans will have to re-qualify for Medicaid this year

The end of the pandemic's public health emergency will require 1.5 million Minnesotans to go through "redetermination" for health care from Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare.

Ramstad: Lawmakers should fund drivers ed for all Minnesota teens

That would give more of them a chance to start working at a younger age, and it would relieve some of the labor squeeze in the state.

Ramstad: Politics distract from clean energy's real opportunities and compromises

The critics miss the speed of innovation in clean energy, while supporters overlook some tough compromises ahead.

Ramstad: Do ratings still matter to TV stations in the age of streaming?

Twin Cities TV stations innovate as digital delivery provides new opportunities and more competition, making sweeps month less important.