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Schafer: New tax plan could hobble Target, Best Buy

Retailers like Target have likely been reassured by champions of the tax reform plan that they need to relax, that as the world adjusts to the new tax code some other effects should lessen the impact on retailers.

St. Anthony: Hidrate Spark bottle founders work through hiccups

Three of the four HidrateMe founders — Nadya Nguyen, Cole Iverson Alexander Hambrock — filled orders from an apartment last year. The company raised a more-than-planned $600,000-plus with a Kickstarter campaign.

QVC serves up prime-time spot for Shakopee soup ladies Sunday

Mary Dodds and Maggie Mortensen, co-founders of North Aire Market, worked on making soup in their Shakopee test kitchen.

Makers are on during the big football game, but they know QVC has rabid fans, too.

Twin Cities housing market expected to tighten more in 2017

St. Thomas real estate experts forecast 5 percent jump in median home prices.

Best Buy's Joly says he isn't leaving after report says he is top prospect for another job

Brazilian newspaper says French retail giant Carrefour has him on a list of potential CEOs.

Crossing red lines: What's annoying Asian nations most?

NY gov requires insurance companies to cover contraception

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday said he was requiring health insurance companies to cover medically necessary abortions and most forms of contraception at no cost to women, a move that further protects and safeguards coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act.

St. Anthony: Hidrate Spark bottle founders work through hiccups
Neal St. Anthony

Young entrepreneur Nadya Nguyen and her three partners at HidrateMe, have discovered that entrepreneurship is not an easy drink of water. Nguyen, 24, a University…

Schafer: New tax plan could hobble Target, Best Buy
Lee Schafer

Big American companies are so good at sidestepping income taxes that many pay nowhere near the statutory rate of 35 percent. One notable exception is…

In heart of North Loop, a new office building becomes architectural attraction

The North Loop’s makeover in the past 20 years has given new life to brick-and-timber warehouses that once housed factories, car and implement dealers and…

She's just clowning around in Davos

– With an ear-piercing whistle, a professional clown in the crowd startles to order a conference room full of some of the…

Banker Paul Grangaard found calling at Allen Edmonds making shoes

Paul Grangaard spent 25 years in commercial banking, investment banking and at private equity firm Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison. He left in 2008 to…

Maplewood-based 3M launches 'smart'-hearing protection for hunters, civilian shooters

3M offers phone-compatible products that automatically adjust to background noises

You may not need as much money for retirement as you think

The image of retirement as leisure is powerful. Think of advertisements about retirement. The pictures usually involve golf, biking, an RV trip, perhaps a cruise.…

Even Google's Brin 'surprised' by speed of AI advancements

Alphabet Inc. has been one of the world's biggest spenders on artificial intelligence. The advancements have even surprised company co-founder Sergey Brin.Speaking at the World…

Front-loading your retirement fund can pay off in the end

Time is money, especially when it comes to properly timing your contributions to your traditional retirement fund

For some in Calif., a raise means losing child care

It's an "unintended consequence" of a law to raise the minimum wage.

Home equity line of credit rates to rise; what should you do?

Mortgage rates may be a mystery; they move up one day and down the next, often befuddling the experts. However, the prime rate, which is…

Sociallybuzz helps other small businesses grow

MIAMI - Andre Kay bootstrapped Sociallybuzz from a small social media "do it for you" company to a nationally recognized social media agency and software…