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A look at what’s behind today's Minnesota business headlines.

We already have Amazon -- and more

The debate is underway over whether the winners paid too much to lure regional headquarters of go-go Amazon. Organic, retain-and-expand work, including investing in workforce development and infrastructure, works best and most economically.

Health-tech firm Revel adds two execs from RedBrick

Revel, a health-tech firm that works for big insurers, has added a couple execs from RedBrick Health, which sold earlier this year to the larger Virgin Pulse of Rhode Island

Sleep Number tops JD Power rankings

Sleep Number topped JD Power's mattress satisfaction rankings for third time in four years.

Minnesotans engage the Medicare v. Medicare Advantage debate

More than 300,000 people losing Medicare Cost plans across 66 counties face a choice between the original Medicare program and newer Advantage plans from private insurers

New videos raise autism awareness in diverse Minnesota communities

Free videos produced by state show parents from diverse communities talking about getting kids tested early in life for autism spectrum disorders

Public-private Project Green Fleet grows again

The 18-year-old partnership is investing again in cleaner engines on trucks, buses and heavy equipment.

MHTA venture conference focused on emerging tech issues

The MHTA annual venture conference covered artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and heard from more than a dozen emerging companies in those fields.

Minnesota Housing approves five CommonBond projects

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency approved all five low-income projects submitted by CommonBond as part of agency's $87.5 million in tax-credit allocation this year.

Inaugural Twin Cities "Opportunity Zone" investment fund launches

The first multiple-project fund has opened to investors interested in investing in depressed-economic areas in exchange for capital-gains tax forbearance.

Polaris teams with Fishing League Worldwide

Polaris partnership with fishing tournament should complement boat business

Reporter's notebook: A safety net on Medicare networks

If consumers find themselves in a Medicare Advantage plan that doesn't include their doctor, they'll have a limited chance next year to pick again.

First look at the new paint job on Sun Country's airplanes

First look at the new paint job on Sun Country's airplanes

The Eagan-based airline released Tuesday a time-lapse video of its first aircraft to receive the new exterior paint scheme -- known as a livery.

New Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor pays homage to Minnesota group

Ben & Jerry's Pecan Resist

The ice cream maker known for supporting social justice causes releases "Pecan Resist," which commemorates four organizations including Honor the Earth, an indigenous environmental group.

Reporter's notebook: Is my doctor in this Medicare plan?

Federal law is forcing health insurers next year to eliminate Medicare Cost plans across 66 counties in Minnesota.

Among the tasks in picking a new Medicare health plan is studying the network of doctors and hospitals.

Three Minnesota stocks stood out in a grim week for public companies

Minnesota lost a public company on Monday and rumors surfaced Thursday another maybe acquired as three fourths of Minnesota's public companies lost value this week.

Sleep Number set to harvest investment in their 360 Smart Beds

Sleep Number set to harvest investment in their 360 Smart Beds

Sleep Number shares soared Thursday after releasing third quarter results late Wednesday that showed impressive sales orders for the full lineup of 360 Smart Beds.

Inaugural Twin Cities LGBTQ "workplace councils" gathering Thursday

LGBTQ "enterprise resource groups" from 30-plus companies and others will gather to learn more about diversity-and-inclusion issues.

NAWBO recognizes pioneering female business owners

Several women business owners will be recognized Tuesday for their accomplishments, 30 years after landmark legislation.

Maker of OxyContin strikes deal for SpineThera

Plymouth-based SpineThera is developing a long-acting, non-opioid treatment for low back pain

Why did Earl Bakken move to Hawaii?

Earl Bakken moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, shown in a file photo, in part to study and develop new ideas about holistic medicine.

It wasn't just the year-round great weather. The pacemaker inventor and Medtronic founder had another idea up his sleeve: to learn more about the "human side to healing."