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Reporter | Corrections and criminal justice policy

Andy Mannix is an investigative/data reporter covering prisons and criminal justice in Minnesota. He's previously worked for MinnPost, The Seattle Times, City Pages and the Minnesota Daily. He studied journalism at the University of Minnesota and UC-Berkeley.

Minneapolis mayor announces first city leadership reappointments

Mayor Jacob Frey announced his first three nominations this week for city department heads. Frey, who took office last month, wants to keep City Attorney…

Minneapolis 'hate crime hot line' dogged by dysfunction

Ex-employee said she was fired for raising concerns.

Late-night vibe was chill despite Super Bowl rivalries

Fans who pole-dance together can't have much bad blood, right?

On eve of Super Bowl, downtown bar scene brought a show of its own

Thousands of additional revelers filled bars and restaurants, creating a chaotic but peaceful scene.

For Minneapolis' brand-new mayor, a blitz to game day

Just weeks after his inauguration, Jacob Frey is preparing for the biggest event to hit Minneapolis in years.

Capri Theater expansion aims to boost North Side's cultural life

The theater that helped launch Prince has big plans to expand.

Police tab for Super Bowl rises to $3.7 million

Host Committee will reimburse the city.

Minnesota's rising prison rate bucks national trends

In an era of policies geared toward reducing prison populations, Minnesota has bucked national trends by incarcerating more people, according a new study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, which shows how 35 states simultaneously cut crime and prison rates. In contrast to Minnesota, the prison rate nationwide dropped 11 percent, according to the study, which looked at data from 2008 to 2016.

Minneapolis Park Board appoints Mary Merrill as interim superintendent

Fifteen years after retirement, Mary Merrill will reprise her tenure as superintendent of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

New Minneapolis Park Board president says he can work with critics

Slate of newcomers will need to ramp up search for new superintendent.