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Andy Mannix is an investigative/data reporter covering prisons and criminal justice in Minnesota. He's previously worked for MinnPost, The Seattle Times, City Pages and the Minnesota Daily. He studied journalism at the University of Minnesota and UC-Berkeley.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau: Justine Damond 'didn't have to die'

In her first remarks since the high-profile shooting and her return to town, Harteau said the department will take a close look at its body camera policies and acknowledged the officers' cameras should have been on.

911 calls provide a glimpse into Justine Damond's final moments

Justine Damond spent her last moments trying to help a stranger, according to a 911 transcript. Soon afterward, a responding Minneapolis officer, Mohamed Noor, fired his gun from inside a patrol vehicle and killed her.

911 call transcript: Before being shot by officer, Justine Damond called in possible rape

Justine Damond spent her last moments trying to help a stranger. At 11:27 on Saturday night, Damond called police to report a possible sexual assault, according to a 911 transcript obtained by the Star Tribune Wednesday.

BCA: Officer heard loud noise before Justine Damond shot

The agency released the first account of what happened that night based on a Tuesday interview with officer Matthew Harrity, 25, who was driving. Officer Mohamed Noor, who fired, has not talked with investigators.

Medical examiner: Justine Damond died from gunshot wound to abdomen

Justine Damond, 40, who called 911 to report a possible assault behind her south Minneapolis home Saturday night, was fatally shot by a police officer. No body cams were running at the time.

Minneapolis hate crime hot line becomes a lightning rod

Critics say hot line could end up chilling free expression.

Crime rate in Minnesota hits a 50-year low, new BCA data show

Serious crimes in Minnesota dropped by more than 3 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to the FBI.

Dashcam video: Before shots, Yanez yells, 'Don't pull it out!'

The case file was released Tuesday following Jeronimo Yanez's acquittal Friday in the July 6 killing that thrust Minnesota into the national debate over police use of force and racial profiling.

Fierce mental health advocate Mary Lucille Mickman, who stayed strong in face of tragedy, dies

The retired nurse vigorously fought for mental health resources.

Minn. 'all over the board' on policy for police photo lineups

Debates over the reliability of eyewitness memory rarely make it to trial in Minnesota, but a growing body of scientific research is driving law enforcement agencies across the country to adopt new policies designed to reduce the chances of wrongfully identifying an innocent person.