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Reporter | Minneapolis city government

Andy Mannix is a reporter covering Minneapolis city government. He's previously worked for MinnPost, The Seattle Times, City Pages and the Minnesota Daily. He studied journalism at the University of Minnesota and UC-Berkeley. He can be reached on Signal at 651-247-4462.

Minneapolis Council looks to create 'renters' bill of rights'

City leaders say tenants need protections against landlords as rent costs increase.

Blogger battles with Mpls. official over rights to name

John Edwards says an elected official in Minneapolis is trying to co-opt the name of his blog to silence criticism.

Mpls. police union head defends Pawlenty mailer from council criticisms

Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the city's police union, disputes the idea that he broke any city policies with the promotional literature for Tim Pawlenty's campaign for governor.

Cyberattackers infiltrate Hennepin County workers' e-mails

The FBI is investigating what county officials are calling a sophisticated phishing scam that may have compromised private data.

Power struggle over Minneapolis police appears dead this year

The city's charter commission will take the rest of the year to study the proposal in lieu of putting it on this year's ballot.

Aug. 3: Mpls. mayor, council members condemn Pawlenty mailer with officers

Mayor Jacob Frey cited several city policies the officers may have broken by appearing in the political ad in uniform.

Mpls. council OKs measure to divide authority over police

But officials doubt the measure will reach ballot in time for fall voting.

Mpls. police oversight charter faces long odds

Council President Lisa Bender, who's been supportive of the charter change, was not optimistic that it will pass in time to get on the ballot this year, but said that doesn't mean it couldn't be put to voters in the future.

Mpls. City Council advances plan to take some police oversight from mayor

The vote came after only a loud marathon meeting that showcased community dissatisfaction.

Mpls. police oversight office calls for stronger policy in ketamine report

After six weeks, the city released its full report Thursday into how police interacted with paramedics in sedating patients.