Andy Mannix | Star Tribune
Reporter | Minneapolis city government

Andy Mannix covers Minneapolis city government for the Star Tribune. He joined the paper in January 2016, and previously covered in-depth criminal justice and mass incarceration, with a data bent. 

"Mannix teaches at the University of Minnesota journalism school, of which he's an alumnus. He holds a master's degree from University of California-Berkeley. His work for the Star Tribune includes investigative reports on the use of solitary confinement in Minnesota prisons, how Minneapolis police inappropriately urged paramedics to sedate people with ketamine and why a bottleneck in mental health care wasted millions of taxpayers dollars while delaying treatment from those who most need it. He's also covered enterprise and breaking news topics, including several high-profile officer-involved shootings in the Twin Cities region in recent years. Prior to joining the Star Tribune, Mannix wrote about a variety of topics, such as crime, LGBT rights and politics, for publications including The Seattle Times, MinnPost, City Pages and The Minnesota Daily. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife. "

Minneapolis developers clash with City Council over housing rules

Minneapolis plan would require developers to include below-market units.

Minneapolis business leaders to City Hall: 'Hit pause' on wage theft ordinance

Minneapolis plan would compete with new state law, business leaders say.

Minneapolis drops one violation against Crave

The violation for an employee who tried to get back into the bar after the shooting was dropped because the man did not work for Crave.

City of Minneapolis cites Crave for violation after shooting

Minneapolis seeks stricter security at the downtown restaurant and bar.

Two-year bridge closure sparks concern over cutting off north Minneapolis

City Council Member Lisa Goodman asked the Met Council to speed up the project.

Mpls. Council proposal tightens social media rules at City Hall

The city's proposal comes at a time when politicians depend on social media to communicate with the public and, increasingly, to conduct government business. But the draft policy does not cover "personal" accounts used by elected officials.

Minneapolis minimum wage gets 75-cent-to-$1 raise

The minimum pay is now $11 for small employers and $12.25 for larger ones.

Mpls. mulls protections for adult entertainers

The proposal to protect workers from unsanitary conditions and exploitative practices will go before a public hearing later this summer.

Minneapolis City Council proposes crackdown on wage theft to parallel state law

The proposal would require employers to put all pay agreements in writing and provide regular written or electronic earnings statements for transparency.

North Memorial and Hennepin Healthcare break off merger talks

The two major Twin Cities hospital systems began preliminary merger talks earlier this year.