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Millions of people love the Minnesota State Fair with a passion that burns as bright as the fireworks that close out every night of the fair. But do they really know the Great Minnesota Get-Together?

That's why we're asking readers to tell us what they want to know about the people, history and culture of the State Fair for a special edition of Curious Minnesota, our community-driven series fueled by questions from inquisitive readers.

What's the difference between a pronto pup and a corn dog? What's the most popular treat? Who was the biggest star ever to perform there? How did the Midway become the teen rite-of-passage hangout? Those are just some examples of questions. But we want to know what you wonder about the fair.

We're seeking all your questions about the food, people, history and marquee events of the Great Minnesota Get-Together, which starts Aug. 22 this year.

The answers will be published online Aug. 23, which will be Curious Minnesota day at the fair. That day, visitors to the StarTribune booth will be able to submit their own questions and vote to pick the next question that our reporters will research and answer. During shows at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., reporter Eric Roper and editors Tom Horgen and Karen Lundegaard will host a State Fair-themed trivia contest. Anyone who votes or joins in the quiz will get some special Curious Minnesota-themed swag, too.

Since Curious Minnesota launched earlier this year, more than 500 people have submitted questions and more than 12,000 votes have been cast to help pick the stories we research and publish. The newsroom has tackled burning questions such as, "Why don't Minnesotans know how to zipper merge?", "Sorry, but why do Minnesotans say 'ope' all the time?" and "How did these 11 Minnesota towns get their unusual names?" And readers have enthusiastically responded, with the stories racking up more than 1 million page views.

Now we want you to weigh in with your burning State Fair questions by Aug. 15.

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