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March: Star Tribune column questions whether TiZA promotes the Muslim faith.

Spring/summer: In response to concerns raised by the state, TiZA reports that it has made changes to the way it handles student prayer.


January: ACLU files suit against TiZA, Islamic Relief, the state Education Commissioner and school officials.

Spring: State lawmakers pass changes to charter school law, including a ban on out-of-state sponsors that takes effect on July 1, 2011.

Summer: Islamic Relief tells TiZA it won't seek to oversee the school under new law.


February: Novation Education Opportunities applies to oversee TiZA, starting a chain of exchanges in which the state identifies problems with the application and Novation submits more information.

May: TiZA sues state, Islamic Relief in Ramsey County District Court, arguing they have interfered with its effort to find a new overseer. A judge dismisses the case for lack of jurisdiction.

June 15: TiZA challenges ban on out-of-state authorizers in federal court.

June 29: State issues final denial of Novation's application and sends TiZA shutdown instructions.

June 30: Judge denies TiZA's request for a preliminary injunction as it challenges the state law. TiZA withdraws the challenge and files for bankruptcy.

July 1: New law takes effect.