Reporter | Minneapolis

Susan Du covers the city of Minneapolis for the Star Tribune.

Minneapolis Park board president says he'll bring back Bde Maka Ska pavilion

The popular concessions pavilion burned down in 2019, throwing a curveball into long-range plans for Bde Maka Ska.

A new light over north Minneapolis beckons visitors to a Mississippi riverfront park

Mostly funded by private donations, the Overlook is the first of many projects to reconnect the North Side to the river.

Minneapolis explores carbon credits to help reforest the city

A property tax levy to replace the city's dead and dying trees will expire at the end of this year.

Minnetonka district agrees to return missing bell and wheel to Minneapolis Park Board

The American Legion helped broker a peace treaty.

Crowd-control chemicals may threaten health of protesters

Despite mounting criticism about the use of tear gas and other crowd-control agents, law enforcement agencies have resisted disclosing exactly what they're spraying on protesters.

Vote Yes 4 Minneapolis submits petition to remove MPD from charter

If the more than 20,000 signatures are verified, a citywide vote on a department overhaul is one step closer.

Frey vetoes Park Board action that booted State Patrol from office

Using a little-known power to undo Minneapolis Park Board resolutions, Mayor Jacob Frey vetoed the termination of a lease agreement with the State Patrol that allowed troopers to rest and recharge equipment.

Minneapolis Park Board unveils new Bde Maka Ska pavilion design

Cost estimates will be presented at the May 5 Planning Committee meeting.

Minneapolis Park Board votes to expel State Patrol from shared office space

Troopers had access to the Park Board's headquarters since 2012 to use the bathroom and write reports.

At George Floyd Square, verdict relieves tensions of a long year

The site of George Floyd's death was transformed as he crowd heard the news. Hundreds trickled into the square to hear and celebrate. Some in the crowd wept and embraced.