Bad times: the emptied Mervyn's store at Southdale in 2009.

— James Lileks, Star Tribune

Malls are in trouble in Minnesota and beyond. Will your mall close or evolve?

We used to love our malls. They were where your mom bought your first pair of jeans, where you hung out as a teen. But their future may be in doubt.

Minneapolis may lose one of its skyscrapers. Should we mourn or rejoice?

The Dyckman, one of downtown Minneapolis' early hotel towers, went down in 1979.

— Mike Zerby, Star Tribune

Losing a tower wouldn't necessarily be bad for the city — unless it's replaced by a parking lot.

Parking ramps are ugly — but we need more of them in downtown Minneapolis

An upward look at Ramp C in Minneapolis.

— AARON LAVINSKY, Star Tribune

What if any new ramp could be designed to enhance the city, not just store cars?

Minnesota's fast-food chains once boasted garishly fun designs

FILE - A replica of Ray Kroc's first McDonald's franchise, which opened on April 15, 1955, was a museum in Des Plaines, Ill.

— Ham Y. Huh, Associated Press

But you knew what they were at a glance. Now the buildings are nothing short of bleak.

Once celebrated, the skyways of Minneapolis are now being blamed for downtown's empty streets

Pedestrians crossed the street and skyways along Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis on Dec. 13.

— Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune

Since the early 1960s, the elevated connections between buildings have been a hallmark of the core of both downtowns.

Four ways to save Minneapolis: Demolish City Center — or most of it

This is the vibrant heart of a great city? It’s an anti-human bunker.

— James Lileks, Star Tribune

The 1980s blank wall of a building fails to offer what a vital city center needs: connection.

Landmark Minneapolis church beat the odds by thriving. Now the 121-year-old building needs some TLC.

Calvary Baptist Church is celebrating its 140th anniversary and fundraising to restore its steeple.

— Provided

The neighborhood mainstay is an architectural gem, but needs help to restore its steeple.

One of the ugliest buildings in downtown Minneapolis will likely be demolished. Should we care?

When you have to put up photos and awnings to make the building look human, something’s wrong with the original design.

— James Lileks, Star Tribune

The YWCA sticks out like a sore thumb. But it is an example of a certain style of architecture.

The University of Minnesota's Northrop Mall is grand — but it could've been glorious

Northrup, September 2023

— James Lileks, StarTribune

Cass Gilbert's original plans called for a European-style plaza leading to an open-air theater, a botanical garden and a small harbor.

Instead of new foods, the State Fair needs more welcoming entrances

How about a giant gopher? We know just where it should go.

Structures at the Minnesota State Fair built to last, but also to change

The fairgrounds are rich with architectural history.

A Minneapolis block may hold a world record for churches

Mill City Church, at 685 13th Av. NE. in Minneapolis. In the background to the right is Christ Family Kingdom Center.

— GLEN STUBBE, StarTribune

The four houses of worship in Northeast have long histories.

The best bridges in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the story behind each

Lowry Avenue Bridge

— David Joles, Star Tribune